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The Mexican (Part Juan)- Single


The Mexican (Part Juan) was released in December 2012.

It’s an epic tale of a superhero with extremely temperamental super powers called Solar Powered Solar Plexus Man who is constantly harassed by his arch nemesis The evil and powerful Mexican, in a Spaghetti Western world where The Mexican terrorises anyone who stands in his way. Will The Mexican succeed with his evil plan? Will Solar Powered Solar Plexus Man survive to the end of the song?

The Mexican (Part Juan) has an amazing animated video- see clip here The Mexican (Part Juan) It’s available on a fantastic DVD which includes;

A free mini Graphic Novel.

‘The Mexican (Part Juan)’ animated music video.

‘Getting There’ music video (from the 2008 album ‘Ray’

‘Until The Next Great War’ music video from the 2008 album ‘Ray’.

Available now on Bandcamp The Mexican (Part Juan)

To hear and/ or download just the song on it’s own on Bandcamp, click here The Mexican (Part Juan)

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