May 3rd 2014.                                                                                                                                                                         I’ve had 2 mixes back from Steve and they are both sounding excellent. A few tweaks here and there and we’ll be well on our way. I’ve been trying to find a string quartet to play a string part on one of my favourite new songs for the album, but at this stage I’ve not found any quartets willing to accept my offer of money. If anyone knows of any willing quartets please let me know.

I recorded some piano at Cardie’s studio the other day. Was fun. It’s actually for the same song as the one that needs the strings. Should be a goodun. Here’s a clue of what it’s about

2012-09-17 13.11.51


April 08th 2014.
So it’s finally beginning to be a bit more consistent with the sunshine. It was a long tough winter with a series of storms and terrible rain.
I’m at a good stage with the new album now. I’m currently sending my new songs to a producer- Steve Harding who recently produced my friend Hitch’s first album-
I think Steve will do a great job with my new collection of songs.

2012-06-27 21.14.30

Feb 28th 2014.
It’s early 2014. February 28th (Not a leap year this year)
Leap years are particularly significant to me, so tomorrow- March the 1st is my February 29 for this year.
It’s sunny and rainy here in Southampton but promises to be a bright weekend.
So to celebrate here’s my song February ’29

View from chalet in Scotland holiday

This time last year we were in Scotland. We had the best weather in the UK and the sky was amazing.


Welcome is the official website of Andy Billington’s Music.

Hi I’m Andy Billington.

I’ve been writing and recording music for about 20 years now, starting around the time I purchased my first 4-track cassette recorder at University. After playing and recording with several bands my song writing culminated in my first album ‘Mountjoy Vs Monkhouse’ in 2002. This was followed up by ‘Roy’ in 2004. Both albums were very basic when it comes to instruments and production- the strength being the songs. All the drums were done on my Roland XP-50 keyboard and all instruments and vocals recorded on one SM-58 microphone

The third album was released in 2008 and was entitled ‘Ray’, following in the same album title style of the previous album. Ray is a journey with a higher quality of recording gear and production. The drums almost sound real but again the main strength is the songs and the way they fit together to carry the listener into the midst of….you tell me.

Following Ray in 2009 I did a re-vamped re-mixed re-mastered version of my debut album ‘Mountjoy Vs Monkhouse’. Its available to buy from this site and is called ‘Mountjoy Vs Monkhouse ’09′ Again the production is on a par with the ‘Ray’ album and the only song to get a complete re-vamp ‘Out There’ is now one of the stronger tracks on the album.

On February 29th 2012 I released Ray and Mountjoy (the new name for Mountjoy Vs Monkhouse) on various digital distributian sites including i-Tunes, Amazon and Spotify as well as several others, you’ll find the links on this site as well as my link to Bandcamp.

My main influences, I suppose, are Queen, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, and Blur, although I don’t suppose my music sounds much like any of them.

Thanks for reading and enjoy, Andy.



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Until The Next Great War

Until The Next Great War- Single

Watch ‘Until The Next Great War’ On YouTube ( please rate :))

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Until the Next Great War

Video Only – High Quality MP4


Single and Low Quality Video


Low Quality Video Included With This Purchase

70 Meg Version of the HQ MP4

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The Mexican (Part Juan) Front Cover

The Mexican (Part Juan)- Single


The Mexican (Part Juan) was released in December 2012.

It’s an epic tale of a superhero with extremely temperamental super powers called Solar Powered Solar Plexus Man who is constantly harassed by his arch nemesis The evil and powerful Mexican, in a Spaghetti Western world where The Mexican terrorises anyone who stands in his way. Will The Mexican succeed with his evil plan? Will Solar Powered Solar Plexus Man survive to the end of the song?

The Mexican (Part Juan) has an amazing animated video- see clip here The Mexican (Part Juan) It’s available on a fantastic DVD which includes;

A free mini Graphic Novel.

‘The Mexican (Part Juan)’ animated music video.

‘Getting There’ music video (from the 2008 album ‘Ray’

‘Until The Next Great War’ music video from the 2008 album ‘Ray’.

Available now on Bandcamp The Mexican (Part Juan)

To hear and/ or download just the song on it’s own on Bandcamp, click here The Mexican (Part Juan)

Roy (Artwork)


 Lyrics Can Be Found Here

Roy was written in 2003 and 2004. It was an experiment in song writing where I explored expressing various snapshots of how I’ve felt at different times of life. The album name is a throw away title that contradicts the emotional depth of the music and lyrics.

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Mountjoy (Artwork)


Lyrics Can Be Found Here

Mountjoy Vs Monkhouse was originally written in the years leading up to 2002. It was re-mastered in 2009. It is a culmination of songs that I had written from University days (mid 90′s) up to 2002. It’s an album full of hope and confusion reflecting an attempt to connect with myself. Digitally released in 2012, it’s now called Mountjoy.

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Mountjoy Outline

Artwork Gallery

Here is The Artwork For The Released Material

Including old Artwork pictures and pictures that were considered for the Album and single covers but never made it to the final product.


Entire site including Art Work, Video and Music- Copyright Andy Billington 2012.